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Automatic basket manipulator

Material handling

Automatic basket manipulator


Automatic basket manipulators provides an automatic and intelligent positioning of the baskets coming from the profile stacker to the ovens and also the possibility to buffer baskets automatically before unloading to the packing stations. The automatic basket manipulator is able to pile loaded baskets. Also the manipulator can be used for transport of empty basket from the packing stations to the profile stacker. The area of the automatic basket manipulator must be secured by safety fencing with safety doors entrance for maintenance and light curtain entrance for the baskets. With an automatic basket manipulator the normal flow of baskets from the profile stacker can be fully automatic to the packing stations.

Automatic basket manipulator

The automatic basket manipulator is made of 1 special constructed steel beam with DEMAG DRS wheel drive units and DEMAG hoist unit with DEMAG ZBA motors. The beam construction is engineered with a max. bend of 1/500. The hoist unit is engineered with special hardened steel, which ensures very low wear. The hoist unit will be equipped with a gripper system. On the gripper there will be sensors mounted, wiring etc. to ensure the safe and secured gripping of the baskets. The automatic basket manipulator can be provided with a bar code scanner to connect with an upper layered process management system. The axes are measured by absolute encoders, to ensure very accurate positioning of the baskets. Longer axes are measured by distance laser. All motors are frequency controlled for a smooth start and slowing speed.

Illustration: Example automatic basket manipulator

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