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Automatic cranes & shuttles

Material handling

Automatic cranes & shuttles


The shuttle is able to pick up and transport an oven load with baskets on a transport platform from and to the oven and load-unload and buffer positions.

The shuttle is built as a frame with 6 wheels, driving alongside the ageing ovens (X-axis) On top of this x-axis driving frame a second frame is constructed. This frame with 12 wheels can drive on Y-axis by rails. This second frame is equipped with a hydraulic lifting system which enables to lift of the pile of baskets The rail construction for the Y-axis is leveled with the rails in the ovens and on the stands. In this way, a forceless drive of the basket pile is assured.

The 3 axes are measured by absolute encoders or lasers, to ensure very accurate positioning of the shuttle and basket pile.

All motors are frequency controlled for a smooth start and slowing speed.


In the case of shuttle transport the ovens and position must be equipped with so-called stands. The stands are made of steel profile and are used for loading (piling) baskets from the profile stacker and unloading (de-piling) baskets after ageing to the packing. The stands are provided with guiding rails for the wheels of the Y-axis frame. Furthermore, the stands are provided with steel beams to carry the baskets.


Sometimes a transport platform is needed for smaller pieces or logs. These platforms are made of a steel frame with a checker plate floor, eventually with insulated panels and sealing construction.

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