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Die oven convection

Heat treatment

Die oven convection

Oven types

Our die ovens with convective electrical heating are available in 2 types:Top load ovens that are normally used for manual operation Bottom up ovens, mostly operated by an automatic shuttle for the transport of the die.

Oven casing

Our die ovens with a temperature range of 500°C are constructed with energy saving, double walled, insulated panels with an total thickness of 300 mm. The outside wall is made of lacquered plate on the outside and mild steel plate on the inside fully filled with 200 mm Rockwool type 213 insulation.The inner isolation wall is made of 100 mm Superwool panels which is covered on the inside by a 3 mm stainless steel 321 plate that is completely air tight welded as one housing. Due to this special panel construction a minimum of heat transit to the outside panel is guaranteed. In the ovens a steel prism construction assures a solid positioning of the dies.


Depending on the type of die oven, the ovens are each equipped with a sliding doors (lids) on top of the compartment in case of top down loaded ovens or clamped lids in case of bottom up ovens..The lids are insulated similarly to the oven casing and supported by a steel frame and can be opened and closed by means of a pneumatic cylinder. Airtight sealing of the lids is assured by a sealing construction with ceramic rope seal. For the safe operation of the lids we provide a 2 hand control device according to NEN-EN-ISO 13851.

Heating system

The heating is generated by electric powered heating elements The single heaters have a capacity of 5,0 kW and are divided in a set of 3 phases. The heaters are regulated by thyristor power regulation. In this way a full variable heat regulation is possible with a minimum of temperature deviation. Because of the accurate temperature regulation, there is no danger of overheating of the die. A max temperature safety thermostat is applied to protect oven against overheating. A cool down thermostat for a controlled shut down off the ventilators after installation stop to prevent overheating of components.

Air circulation

The air circulation is per oven generated by a high volume circulation fan. The ventilators are placed in the sidewall of the oven. The ventilators are indirect driven (V-belt) to ensure a long lifetime of motor and bearings. Air tight closing by means of a special shaft seal. The ventilator, housing and inlet cone are made of stainless steel 321. The air is divided by an stainless steel 312 air duct system through the entire bottom of the oven. This system is equipped with air slots with adjustable flow regulation. In this way a high temperature accuracy of +/- 5°C in the entire oven is guaranteed.

Inert gas operation

Our bottom up die ovens can be applied with inert gas supply. We then apply a special airtight sealing of shaft and lid, including an airtight welded housing.

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