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Heat treatment

Die oven IR

Oven casing

Our infra-red die ovens with a temperature range to max. 600°C are constructed with energy saving, double walled, insulated with 150 mm of low K factor ceramic blanket as the primary insulation panels. The 150 mm insulation is backed up by 30 mm of very low K mineral fibre board on all surfaces except the bottom. This yields an excellent combination of strength and insulation quality.In the cavities a steel prism construction assures a solid positioning of the dies.


The top loading ovens are each equipped with lids, 1 on top of each cavity. The lids are insulated similarly to the oven casing and supported by a steel frame and can be opened and closed by means of an electrical actuator in case of tilting lids and with a pneumatic cylinder in case of horizontal sliding lids. Airtight sealing of the lids is assured by a sealing construction with ceramic rope seal. For the operation of the lids we normally provide a 2 hand control device according to NEN-EN-ISO 13851. This can however be specialised according to the customers safety demands. Lid opening is in any case failsafe, if power is off the lid is freezing on its position. Tilting lids can be mechanically blocked in open position to perform maintenance work.

Heating system

The heating is generated by Infra-Red black body flat panels heaters for a highly uniform and super-fast heating. The heating elements efficiency is 90% for the H13 steel when the emissivity of the load is 0,9 Watt density 2,64 W/cm2. The heating elements are capable to deliver lower wavelength with more uniform and faster heating. The single cavities have a 2 side or 4 side heating elements to assure an equal radiation on the die. Capacity of the elements is depending on the size of the die. A heating uniformity up to +/- 5°C can be guaranteed.

Temperature measurement

Dual air thermocouple for redundancy control of temperature. The two thermocouples monitor the oven temperature and shut down the oven if reading is out of tolerance. Direct temperature measurement of the die is possible by means of a moving temperature probe that contacts the die.

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