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Homogenizing ovens

Heat treatment

Homogenizing ovens

Oven casing

Our homogenising furnaces with a temperature range of 600°C are constructed with energy saving, double walled, insulated panels with an total thickness of 300 mm. The outside wall is made of 1,25 mm lacquered steel-plate on the outside and steel frame on the inside fully filled with 200 mm Rockwool type 213 insulation.
The inner wall is made of 100 mm Superwool panels, connected to the inside steel-frame and covered by stainless steel plate with a thickness of 3 mm. The panels are built together by special profile. Due to the special panel construction a minimum of heat transit to the outside panel is guaranteed.


The oven compartment is equipped with a vertical sliding door on the front side of the compartment. The door is insulated similarly to the oven casing and supported by a steel frame and can be opened and closed by an electrical driven axis with drums. Closing of the door by a sealing construction with ceramic rope seal. The door will be pushed in the sealing construction by clamps with pneumatic cylinders for an air tight closure.

Heating system

The heating is generated by one recuperative gas burner for direct heating. Thecombustion of the gas will take place in a combustion chamber made of heat resistant chrome-nickle-steel. The chamber is made of SS-316/321. The modulating gas burner high control range to assure a variable heat regulation
with a minimum of temperature deviation. Max temperature safety thermostat to protect oven against overheating. Cool down thermostat for a controlled shut down off the ventilators after installation
stop to prevent overheating of components. A separate exhaust ventilator can take out a part of the circulation air to prevent accumulation of fumes. This exhaust will be supplied to the recuperative heat exchanger of the gas burner. Herewith the burner fresh air is preheated.

Air circulation

The air circulation is generated by radial high volume circulation fans with a high pressure output for intense turbulence in the oven. The ventilators are placed in the sidewall of the oven. The ventilators are indirect driven (V-belt) to ensure a long lifetime of motor and bearings. The ventilator, housing and inlet cone are made of
stainless steel 321. The air is divided by an stainless steel 321 air duct system through both side walls of the oven. This system is equipped with air nozzles to ensure a turbulent, high speed, flow of cooling air. In this way a high temperature accuracy of +/- 5°C in the entire oven is guaranteed.

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